Cesar Brod

Cesar Brod

Linux Professional Institute
Director of Community Engagement - Latin America

El mundo mágico de las tecnologías Libres

junio 17, 2020 - 21:30

Nacer con el don de Mago, es bueno, pero con la guía de un mentor serás increíble. Durante la charla se hará un comparación entre Harry Porter (don) y Albus Dumbledore (mentor) vs Linus Torvalds (don) y Maddog (mentor). y como siempre es necesario pasar por un proceso de aprendizaje y mentoria antes de llegar a ser Increíble.

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Cesar Brod has also worked with educational institutions in Brasil helping create success business models using Free and Open Source Technology enterprises, generating employment and income for hundreds of people. He also wrote books on agile methodologies, computer programming, technology in education. Cesar translated several books into Portuguese (such as The Mythical Man-Month and The Design of Design, both by Fred Brooks, Jr.) and reviewed a good amount of articles and books both in English and Portuguese (such as The $1 Prototype, by Greg Nudelman).